Trader Doug And The Birds of Paradise is a (fictitious) Hawaiian band from the lounge of the Royal Hawaiian Trailer Court. They first appeared in episode 208 of Mystery of The Lost Ozone. The band sang Beyond The Reef and Hula Love. They were played by Doug Green, Fred LaBour, Paul Chrisman, and Kayton Roberts.

Members Edit

Fred Ho Edit

The "Master of Ceremonies" and most recognizable voice in the South Pacific, Fred Ho plays the Bass in the Birds of Paradise band. Fred Ho first appeared without the other Birds of Paradise in episode 207 of Ozone as Rebecca Holden's agent. He was played by Fred LaBour

Trader Doug Edit

The man to see when you seek a discrete waterfront transaction, he plays guitar for the band. After their performance on Riders Radio, Trader Doug sold watches, jewelry, and firearms behind the Z. Alexander Looby Center. He was played by Doug Green.

Kawa Kawa Kayton Edit

Hawaiian steel guitarist. Portrayed by Kayton Roberts.

Wu Wu Wahine Edit

The "Pearl of the South Pacific" and ukulele player for the Birds of Paradise, Wu Wu Wahine's charms has made her the most requested performer at the New Year's Eve party at the Pearl Harbor Officer's Club for 20 years running. Portrayed by Paul Chrisman.

Songs By Trader Doug And The Birds of Paradise Edit

  • Beyond The Reef
Beyond The Reef by Trader Doug And The Birds of Paradise

Beyond The Reef by Trader Doug And The Birds of Paradise

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