Too Jaws (sometimes spelled Two Jaws)was once "the fourth or fifth smartest horse in the movies", and made over 1700 appearances in film, only a handful being "B-Western" films. Now reduced to a talking skull, Too Jaws now spends his days hanging around with Riders In The Sky, specifically Too Slim. Initially created for Tumbleweed Theater, Riders In The Sky's first television series, Too Jaws became a part of the Riders' live shows and eventually Riders Radio Theater. He was operated and voiced by Fred LaBour (Too Slim).

In Riders Radio Theater (1988-1995) Edit

Held together by duct tape and a coat-hanger, Too Jaws was "living" in Death Valley with other famous deceased film animals, such as Mr. Ed, Francis The Talking Mule, Arnold of Green Acres, Fury, Flicka, and all of the Lassies, until he decided that he wanted to hit the trail and "press the flesh" once again. He first appeared on Meltdown on the Mesa 105, and returned in Meltdown 107 to narrate Woody Paul's rope-tricks for the radio audience.

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