So Long, Saddle Pals is the closing theme of Riders Radio Theater. While the song is featured in a large number of Riders Radio episodes, it is missing from a select handful due to time constraints or a third song performance (episode six of Meltdown on the Mesa being the first episode to not feature the song). In some instances, the Riders left out the vocals and performed an instrumental version while Texas Bix Bender read the credits. It was written by Woody Paul for the first Riders album, Three On The Trail.

Lyrics Edit

(All Riders): So Long, Saddle Pals

(Ranger Doug): It's been so good to see ya

(All Riders): Farewell, Saddle Pals

(Ranger Doug): We really hate to leave ya

But the dogies are a lowin' and round-up time is nigh

A prairie moon is callin' from a starry western sky

(All Riders): So farewell, Saddle Pals

(Ranger Doug): Our parting brings us sorrow

(All Riders): On down the trail

(Ranger Doug): We'll find a bright tomorrow

Keep those faces smilin' 'round your home corral

(All Riders): So until we met again

Goodbye, Saddle Pals

Videos Edit

So Long, Saddle Pals (from Riders Radio Theater)

So Long, Saddle Pals (from Riders Radio Theater)

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