Rules and Guidelines for the Riders Radio Theater Wikia.


Community Rules

  • Be Kind To EVERYONE: Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. Remember, there are real people on the other end of that computer screen. If you purposely harass users with hateful comments, you will be banned.
  • Don't Feed The Trolls/Don't Be A Troll Yourself: Trolling is commonplace in the internet, and no matter what website you go to, there are bound to be trolls. If you come to this Wikia with the sole intent to troll, vandalize, or make fun of others, you should know that purposely harassing other users (see Be Kind To Everyone above) will result with your profile being banned.

Page Editing Rules

  • Please Edit The Content Pages, Not The User Pages: Self-explanatory rule. You are allowed to edit your own profile page, other users are not unless in the extremely rare case where you have given a user permission to do so (even then, there must be evidence that you have given said user permission). If you do decide to vandalize someone else's page, will be warned once. Should you choose to continue to edit other user pages, you will be banned.
  • Please Credit Your Unconfirmed Information: If you wish to contribute new information not yet confirmed by the weekly re-release of Riders Radio Theater on iTunes and Soundcloud to a certain Character or Story-Arc page, please back it up with sources in the Edit Summary Box that appears before you publish your work (ex: Added information about X character from Riders In The Sky's book), otherwise it will be removed.
  • Do Not Purposely Add False Information: If you purposely add information that you (and other users) know is untrue, you will be warned twice not to do it again. If you continue to spread false information after your second warning, you will be banned.

Image Posting Rules

  • Please Don't Post Non-Riders Radio Theater Related Images: Self-explanatory. First and second time offenders will be warned and the image will be deleted. With the third offence, the user will be banned.

Writing Guidelines

  • Please Don't Mix "Continuities": Say a character that first appeared in Tumbleweed Theater (Riders In The Sky's first television series that ran from 1983 to 1988) makes an appearance in Riders Radio Theater. It is OK to mention that said character originated in Tumbleweed Theater, or point out any similarities between the TV and Radio versions, but please don't take the biography of the two different versions and mix them together to make one long biography.
  • Please Don't Use "I" or "Me" In Articles: Don't say things like "I think that X character went on to have a happy life after Riders Radio Theater" or "If you ask me, Riders Radio Theater is the best radio program of the last 30 years" when editing articles.
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