A still image of Riders In The Sky and Terri Clark in one of the Riders Radio Theater television specials.


Barbara Mandrell and Riders In The Sky in one of the Riders Radio Theater specials.

Riders Radio Theater: The Television Show (sometimes called Riders Radio TV) was a series of specials starring Riders In The Sky that aired on The Nashville Network from 1995 to 1996. The specials also featured players from the NPR series, such as Texas Bix Bender, Joey The Cow-Polka King, and Zeno Clinker.

History Edit

Shortly after the final episode of Riders Radio Theater was recorded on August 18, 1995, the Riders' manager David Skepner negotiated a contract for the Riders to do Riders Radio Theater as a series of television specials for The Nashville Network (TNN).

Episodes Edit

  • Special One (August 1, 1995)
    • Known Guest Stars:
      • Barbara Mandrell
  • Special Two: The Christmas Show (Exact Air-Date Unknown, presumably Winter, 1995)
    • Guest Stars:
      • Kathy Mattea
      • Little Jimmy Dickens
      • The Moffats
  • Special Three (April 9, 1996)(Official Name Unknown)
    • Comedian Ray Stevens is the only known guest for this special.
  • Special Four (October 9, 1996)(Official Name Unknown)

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