Riders Radio Theater Television Special 4 was the fourth RRT television special commissioned by The Nashville Network. It aired October 9, 1996.

Songs & Sketches Edit

  • Guest Performance 1: Terri Clark performs "Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me".
  • Saloon Commercial Bumper
  • Skit: Alpine Yodeling
  • Skit: TNN Girls 1
  • Skit: Saloon 1
  • Guest Performance 2: Tillis and the Riders perform "Happy Roving Cowboy".
  • The Ongoing Saga of The Cowboy Way: Lawrence Welk of Arabia
  • Guest Performance 3: Terri Clark performs "If I Were You".
  • Song 1: Gene Autry Melody (Be Honest With Me, South of The Border, That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine, Riding Down The Canyon, and Back In The Saddle)
  • Song 2: Idaho (feat. Little Jimmy Dickens)
  • Skit: Shoot-Out At The "I'm O.K., You're O.K." Corral (feat. Mel Tillis)
  • Skit: Saloon 2
  • Song 3: After You've Gone (Instrumental)
  • Skit: TNN Girls 2 with Mel Tillis
  • Song 4: So Long, Saddle Pals
  • Skit: TNN Girls 3 with Too Jaws

Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Riders In The Sky had performed the same Gene Autry Melody presented in this special for Autry himself earlier in the year (1996) in the Third Annual Evening of Country Greats special for TNN (which didn't air until December of 1996).

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