Riders Radio Theater was the second album released by Riders In The Sky for MCA Records in 1988. The album is notable among Riders' fans for being the first time Joey The Cow-Polka King worked with the band.

Track List Edit

  1. The Scene
  2. Riders Radio Theme
  3. Chant of the Wanderer
  4. Udder Butter on a Rope
  5. Trail Traffic Report
  6. Sagebrush Sports Report
  7. Cattle Call
  8. Bio Feedbag
  9. Trail Traffic Update 2
  10. Call of the Wild
  11. Triple X Stock Report
  12. Sundown Blues
  13. Riders Radio Theme (Reprise)
  14. Pops
  15. Saddle Whiz
  16. Meltdown on the Mesa
  17. So Long, Saddle Pals
  18. The Long Shot

Notes Edit

  • The album was released while the final episodes of Meltdown on the Mesa were being broadcast, since Texas Bix Bender mentions in one episode that the new listeners can catch up on the story by listening to the album.
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