Live from the Golden Age of Riders Radio Theater is a 2006 compilation album by Riders In The Sky. The album collects 20 songs that were aired on Riders Radio Theater, most of them coming from the Meltdown on the Mesa and Mystery of The Lost Ozone story-arcs.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Back In The Saddle Again (from Meltdown 101)
  2. Wah-Hoo
  3. Along The Navajo Trail (from Meltdown 103)
  4. Bye Bye Blackbird (from Ozone 204)
  5. A Cowboy Has To Sing (from Ozone 210)
  6. The Wayward Wind (from Meltdown 109)
  7. Singin' A Song Of The Sage
  8. I Still Do (from Ozone 206)
  9. That's How The Yodel Was Born (from Goldscript 412)
  10. Empty Saddles In The Old Corral
  11. Lonely Yukon Stars (from Meltdown 105)
  12. Riding The Old Front Range
  13. Beyond The Reef (from Ozone 208)
  14. Wild Fiddler's Rag
  15. Little Joe, The Wrangler (from Ozone 213)
  16. Chant Of The Plains
  17. Chime Bells (from Ozone 204)
  18. The Last Waltz
  19. Song Of The Bandit (from Meltdown 108)
  20. This Ain't The Same Old Range (from Ozone 204)

Trivia Edit

  • The image featured on the album cover is a still from one of the Riders' appearances on Hee Haw, not Riders Radio Theater.
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