Drywall Paul is a wannabe country-recording artist who was hoping to have a hit with his original song, Remodel Home Remodel Heart, but he never completed writing the song to begin with. He was initially created for Riders In The Sky's first television series, Tumbleweed Theater (initially named Drywall Putty), but was later used for Riders Radio Theater. He was portrayed by Paul Chrisman (Woody Paul).

In Riders Radio Theater (1988-1995) Edit

Drywall's first appearance on Riders Radio was in episode 108 of Meltdown on the Mesa, under the guise of Elvis Presley. He initially wanted to be himself, but after he played his record for the Riders' Agent, the agent told him that the only way Drywall would be on Riders Radio is if he was the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. Drywall called Too Slim and told him that he was The King of Rock And Roll and had been living in South Dakota, and he wanted to make his big comeback on Riders Radio Theater. Slim believed the story and booked "Elvis" on the show. When Ranger Doug interrogated "Elvis" live on stage, Drywall admitted who he was and why he impersonated Elvis. Later in the Ongoing Saga of The Cowboy Way segments of Riders Radio, he became "High Sheriff Drywall" of Tumbleweed Valley.

Songs By Drywall Paul Edit

  • Remodel Home Remodel Heart
    • In his first couple of appearances on Riders Radio Theater, Drywall was trying to finish writing the lyrics to the song. On the Riders' first television series, Tumbleweed Theater, he sang a complete version of the song.
  • Livin' In A Mobile Home (from the 1990 album, Horse Opera)
    • Drywall's only song on any Riders In The Sky album.
      Livin' In A Mobile Home by Drywall Paul

      Livin' In A Mobile Home by Drywall Paul

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