Charlie is Slocum's idiotic henchman, and the only other recurring villain besides Slocum on Riders Radio Theater. He supposedly first appeared on Riders In The Sky's first television series, Tumbleweed Theater, although this can not be confirmed since no full length episodes have been released on any home media. He was portrayed by Doug Green (Ranger Doug).

In Riders Radio Theater (1988-1995) Edit

The Cowboy Way Segments Edit

Meltdown on the Mesa Edit

Charlie, along with Slocum, appeared in the very first episode of Riders Radio Theater: Meltdown on the Mesa 101. Before the events of Meltdown, he stole Gene Autry's revolver that holds 50 bullets. When he was caught by Ranger Doug after stealing money from a benefit concert, he told the Riders that Slocum had built a nuclear reactor in Tumbleweed Valley to mutate prairie dogs to look like cattle. In Meltdown 113, he broke Slocum out of jail using dynamite. Both he and Slocum were caught in the explosion.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Doug Green in the book It's The Cowboy Way: The Amazing True Adventures of Riders In The Sky, Charlie's name is a refrence to character actor and legendery movie bad-guy Charles King.

Songs By Charlie Edit

  • Someone's Got To Do It (from the 1990 album, Horse Opera)
Someone's Got To Do It by Slocum & Charlie

Someone's Got To Do It by Slocum & Charlie

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